May 1, 2012

Inspiration | No. 1

When I came across Macy wearing this dreamy ensemble the other day, I immediately found myself feeling a bit lighter, and certainly envious of the outfit's air of restrictionless-ness (if you'll allow for a slight butchering of the language).  As she passed the windows of the restaurant we were in, the light would reveal that she had made the leap I would only dare to make in dreams.  She had worn the sheer floral dress over a pair of black briefs, which had been layered over a pair of sheer black hose.  For me, at that moment, the briefs were what enthralled me.  But now, as I write this, I realize how important the sheer black hose are when considering the outfit.  Had they not been added, the presentation may have felt incomplete.  In this case, the hosiery seems to deliver a nearly anonymous balance to the overall effect.  Macy was kind enough to indulge me with a photo and a tiny interview.   
Macy edit

Name: Macy Lauren Chapman

Occupation:  student/hostess

Dream occupation:  Anything that includes creating/traveling/dreaming.

Pieces:  Dress - Forever 21  Necklace - vintage (my Mom)  Shoes - Deseret Industries 

Fashion inspiration:  I love anything that I can find in a thrift store.  It feels like searching for treasure.  Everything I own comes from somewhere different. 

Favorite find:  A pair of great two toned lace up boots.  I found them in a thrift store. 

Currently listening to:  Loch Lomond and Edith Piaf

Something unique:  I am an identical twin!

Thanks Macy!

Here's hoping for more outfit inspiration, as well as the bravery needed to approach people for photos, and dare I hope, tiny interviews!



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