June 28, 2012

Safety Not Guaranteed AND Wye Oak, Civilian

Ok, I know I just recently posted about a movie I enjoyed, but I already have another one to share!

Arie and I didn't know much about Safety Not Guaranteed prior to heading out to the theater, but we both enjoyed this one very much. 

Also, this movie features a song that upon hearing for the first time (in a lonely hotel room in Ghana after being flooded out of our planned lodging last summer but that's another story entirely) nearly immediately made its way to the high end of my list of favorite songs of all time. The band, Wye Oak. The album, Civilian. The song, Civilian. The album is incredible, the song, transcendent. Have a listen.

Civilian by Wye Oak on Grooveshark

So, check them both out!  Let me know what you think.


UPDATE!  I just read that Wye Oak has some new music coming out that will be available for free download from the Adult Swim website starting Monday (July 2nd 2012?).  Here is a link to a new song of theirs, Spiral.  It's very different from Civilian, but dear Lord, it's good!


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