November 7, 2012

Wedding Photos by Casey McFarland

Thank God for photos.  It has been a little over two months since I got married, and thanks to photographs, I've been able to reflect on the day with fonder memories.  Not that I don't have fond memories.  I do, and the day was fantastic, but at the time I felt harried and stressed due to the intense thunderstorm that took place for roughly two hours before go time. Other stories about the wedding may eventually come, but for now, I am enjoying the photos from the day, even this:

124 Probably one of the things that have bound Tim and I together, is our hatred of wedding photography. These days, the industry is saturated with anyone who has a digital camera and photo editing software, which is all readily available. We both don't like to pose for photos so engagement and bridal shots were out of the "picture," but we did want the day documented. We knew we wanted film, and, genuine, in the moment-moments.  Not sure of who to trust, we turned to family.  Casey McFarland shot our wedding, and we're so glad he did.   We love our photos, the details captured, the action shots (even if I look like a laughing maniac in most). 

handmade wedding dress
Casey has been shooting weddings for over 12 years, long before the convenience of digital cameras. Not that there is anything wrong with digital, but I think there is a difference when someone has experience in film photography. Casey touches on that notion here, and shares a few more photos.

t+s 08.31.12
While the rain thwarted my plans and made for a less than ideal situation, Casey was able to make everything look beautiful, even with the last minute tent and the tables on their sides.  In the face of my freaking out, he was calm, cool, and collected.  Hey, someone had to be... thanks Casey!! 

Last but not least, I'm not shamelessly promoting a new-to-me relative, I'm being sincere.  Regardless, his body of work speaks for itself.

xoxo stacey


Edward Appleby November 7, 2012 at 8:37 PM  

Love love love. Love. Beautiful!

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