March 9, 2012

Ahh, love.

group gift

Last month my love and I were enjoying a lazy early evening stroll through some local shops.  As we entered into Tabula Rasa, my pupils immediately dilated upon seeing a most incredible display of gourmet marshmallows, or better stated, a dream incarnate.  My hands floated forward, reaching out and attaining a beautiful bag of blush colored rose flavored marshmallows.  Bringing them close to me, I immediately found myself entertaining the different ways they could be enjoyed.  But alas, my budget was not open to the purchase, so I lovingly replaced them, walking away until I could bear to break my longing gaze.  Somehow just knowing they were there had put a spring in my step. 

Life moved forward without the marshmallows.  Little did I know, the delight I had experienced that evening had not gone unnoticed.  When it came time for Husband and me to exchange Valentine's gifts, the first thing I received was my bag of rose flavored marshmallows.  Heaven!  Along with my floral dessert, he gave me a book by one of my favorites, Edward Gorey.  Not to be overshadowed, he also surprised me with some gift certificates to the most amazing frame shop, Signed and Numbered.  The first thing I plan to have framed is the incredible aspen wood cut card he made for me.   

And what did Hubby receive?  Why a remote control helicopter, of course!  Happiness and love all around.

What did you get for Valentine's Day?

Love, H


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