March 1, 2012

Swiss + Rosemary Popovers

savory popovers

I'd never really heard of popovers until I read this post on Smitten Kitchen.  Weeks later, browsing aisles at the thrift store, the very specific popover pan caught my eye, and for $2, why not?  I'm always up for a baking challenge.

Time had passed and I forgot I had the pan, until my friend, who happens to be a pastry chef, told me she made dozens daily, of the savory and sweet variety.  They are simpler to make than their grand, overflowing appearance; the base consists of 4 ingredients: flour, salt, eggs and milk.  To jazz 'em up, all you need to do is add some spices to the batter.  I added rosemary, filled the greased tins and added Swiss cheese on top.

Popovers are visually delicious with a crunchy top, and a flaky chewy interior.  If you want to impress your friends/husband/girlfriend/boyfriend/cat, try baking some popovers.  I found great information here, and even Deb at SK, states you don't really need the pan.  So, what's stopping you?


*photo by Tim J. Benson


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