March 4, 2012

The Pickpockets

Last Wednesday Kelli and I (aka The Pickpockets) had some extra reasons to be happy. First off, it was Leap Day.  And we're both already married, so neither of us had to worry about utilizing this elusive day for proposing to our beaus.  Furthermore, come Leap Evening, Velour would be the venue for our second show.  The weather decided to celebrate as well, sending down an unseasonable amount of snow.

Though the roads were more than precarious, we made our southern trek with some very dedicated and supportive fans not far behind.  I was nervous, but Velour proved to be an inviting venue. Before I knew it, sound check had happened, the first act had played, and we were on stage ready to go.  The sound at Velour was impressive and the crowd made us feel right at home.  Kelli and I are both crossing our fingers in hopes of being invited back for another show. 

If you're interested in more things Pickpockets, please head over to the blog of the very darling handmadewarrior Trish.  If you feel like doing some liking, here we are!

Singing with Kelli is one of the best parts of my life. 


*Video credit Dave Komatar...Thanks Dave!


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