May 12, 2012

Come spirit come charm come days that are warm.

Last night a couple of us took our mom's out for an early Mother's Day treat, a viewing of Hale Center Theatre's The Secret Garden,  It was hauntingly beautiful, and has had me singing all day.  With gardens appearing in my sleeping and waking dreams, it was fitting that Husband (after waking me up with waffles) suggested we go round up some items for our Victory Garden.  Perfect!  Mother's Day is always a great reminder for us to get the garden going as it offers a sort of non-calendar point of reference for an appropriate planting window.  Here are some photos I snapped during our enjoyable meandering through Western Gardens.

western gardens

Once we had returned home I couldn't stand to stay indoors. After taking our new little plants out to the backyard, I spent some time enjoying a few of the plants that were already in bloom. We have more colors around, but today I found myself drawn to the purples in the garden.
come a lily, come a lilac

Tomatoes, raspberries, squash, tomatillos, onions, sage, grapes, curry, strawberries, mint, peaches, beets, basil, fennel, garlic, rosemary, lavender, peppers...I can't wait for our new little garden to produce some produce!



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