May 20, 2012

Future S.I.L.

In just a few short days my baby brother will be gettin' hitched to the most darling girl. To see their young love blossom over the last year or two has been such a treat, and a warm reminder of those beautiful early days that a relationship can offer. As Husband and I prepare to celebrate another happily anticipated anniversary, I've enjoyed revisiting memories of the days leading up to our own nuptials.  I pulled out some of our older albums, you know, from back when I used to actually have photos printed.  Man I need to get some photos printed.  Here is one of my favorites from those days.  We were so little!

young love

Flowers are some what of a hobby of mine that I only seem to indulge in when a close friend or family member is getting married.  I was honored to be asked to help with the flowers, which started off with a bouquet for some spring time bridal portraits.

bridal bouquet

For this bouquet I used blue hydrangea, white peonies, lavender and white narcissus, lavender sweet pea, and purple larkspur.  Whenever I do flowers, I always enjoy being able to scoop up a few of the leftovers for tiny arrangements to place around the house.

I am so excited to have a new sister in law!

More flowers to come,


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