May 31, 2012

Springtime Drinks

If you've never been to Liberty Heights Fresh you are absolutely missing out and should go, now! I missed out until Kelli took me there earlier this year. It's a darling corner market with a variety of, as they so appropriately state on their website, "the familiar and the unusual." Yes, I have lived here my entire life and walked or driven past more times than I can remember. But for some reason, I just never ventured inside. The sign alone should have been enough to get me in there.

Liberty Heights Fresh
When Kelli first took me to Liberty Heights it was to search out some unique soda flavors to be used as mixers. We ended up with cucumber, lavender, and rhubarb. We also picked up a few fresh limes to add to the mix. Well, eventually I decided it was time to head back so I could replicate the amazing drinks we had made that day. I went, grabbed some sodas, found the limes...But then I found myself distracted by the pixie tangerines. As I considered the tangerines I wondered how they would taste with the lavender soda. My brain decided this would be a good combination, which would be made even better with the addition of some lemon bitters (which they also had).
After coming home I had the intention of making the drinks right away. But this didn't happen, and after a few days had passed I had eaten all of my pixie tangerines (these things will put a clementine to shame any day of the week). This allowed me time to pick up some new large tumbler drinking glasses and ice cube trays to go along with my new drink ideas. It also allowed me to make a second trip the following weekend to replace my consumed ingredients. Finally the time was right, so I grabbed my things and headed out to the back yard.
Lavender soda, pixie tangerines, lemon bitters and vodka on the left. On the right, cucumber soda, limes, and gin. I love the Monopolowa labels on these bottles.
Pup and Cubes

Pup watched on while enjoying some time outside. I found outdoor prep work to be quite nice.  I have a lot to learn about mixing drinks, but I'm not sure that's much of a problem. I just add things until I like the taste.  And like the taste I did! Nothing like a drink that will also service you with a snack. Pixie tangerines, man they're good! I'm thinking some muddling may be in order for the next round.   

Oh, and I must tell you about the Celtic Sea Salt Caramels that enticed me into an impulse buy at the register. They are the bee's knees!
Celtic Sea Salt Caramels

Let me know if you try the drinks. Better yet, let me know if you think of any other ideas for these fancy sodas. Still trying to figure out how to best enjoy the rhubarb.



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