June 4, 2012

Torrey! Torrey! Torrey! (part one)

(Pre p.s., thanks Natalie for the post title inspiration!)

Husband loves to challenge himself.  His most recent incarnation of this challenge was an attempted solo through-hike of the Escalante River.  His original plan was ninety miles over six days.  Due to high water and a promise to be safe he chose to cut the trip short after four days and sixty miles traveled.  Luckily for us both we were able to make a little vacation out of his trip, driving separately so he could leave his truck at his point of exit.  We had a couple days to enjoy together before we parted ways.

We spent our first night in Torrey.  On our way there, we stopped in Bicknell for a bite to eat at the Sunglow Cafe.  They are famous for their pies, specifically of the pinto bean and (separately) pickle variety.

Sunglow Motel

We tried a slice of the pinto bean pie. And guess what, I would eat it again! I seem to remember quite a bit of coconut in the mix. But I could be mistaken about that.  Either way, it was delicious. 

pinto bean pie

After our pinto bean pie, we were soon back on the road. We checked in to our hotel, then promptly hit the road again. Arie (who has just asked me to refer to him as Nikolaas which I may or may not do so be prepared) had memories of a road side waterfall in Capitol Reef and we went out in search of it. As usual, his memory of the landscape served us well and we were soon enjoying a refreshing misting from some beautiful falls.

Capitol Reef Waterfall 1
Capitol Reef Waterfall 2
Capitol Reef Waterfall 3

After a bit more sightseeing and a couple of burgers, we retired to our hotel and enjoyed the Mudcats marathon on the History Channel. Thomas Riggs has proven to be my favorite soft spoken noodler.  Have you seen it?  Do you have a favorite?

It was a great trip and I'm excited to share more with you.  More to be found in part two and part three!



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