June 27, 2012

Catalog Deconstruction | No. 1

Oh, US mail, how I love and hate you.

When I bring in the mail, I usually separate anything of immediate interest from the stack then throw the rest into a pile on our bench near the front door. Ads, junk mail, Bleck. Catalogs, Yay! I usually let them stack up for a bit until Arie goes through the pile and asks me whether or not he can recycle them. Most recently, he asked me if he could recycle my Anthropologie and Nordstrom catalogs. "No." I knew I better go through them soon since I asked him not to get rid of them. So I went through and took some photos of the photos of the things I would love to have if I could have anything I want.

Anthro, Nordies, Coffee
catalog desires 6-15-12

1        2        3        4        5        6

Two comments:  First, I bought the scarf.  Second, the matte grey/brown classic Wayfarers are nearly forcing me to re-bleach my hair.  

What are your favorite catalogs?  I want more!


P.S.  Remember when I used the very same mug for this?  Yum!


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