July 28, 2012

Steeplechase and a Striped Skirt.

The Wahsatch Steeplechase is one of Arie's favorite races to run/scramble/slide/climb/stumble through in these parts.  I am happy when he competes in this event because it's my favorite race to see him finish, if only for slightly selfish reasons.  City Creek Canyon offers Arie a familiar challenge, and Memory Grove offers me a lush and puppy friendly place to rest while searching him out at the finish line.

wahsatch steeplechase 2012

While I was waiting for Arie to finish, I spotted a cute lady in a cute outfit walk by.  I knew I wanted to snap a photo, but was unwilling to lose my chance to see Hubby's triumphant and familiar finish line farmer kick.  So she passed me by unbothered, temporarily.

Arie finished, Arie farmer kicked, Arie found a place to sit, puppy licked his salty face, and I went to find him an orange.  On my orange seeking trek I walked past the cute lady in the cute outfit and no longer did she remain unbothered.  No, I'm kidding about the bothering thing...when I asked her if I could take a picture of her outfit she laughed and obliged.  Her friend proclaimed, "See, I told you you looked cute!"  I concurred.

steeple chase striped skirt-p001

I love the simplicity of the look - super casual, but very intentional.  When I rolled out of bed that morning, it was old band t-shirt and jeans time.  But her, I don't know, maybe this is her version of band t-shirt and jeans?  She's still comfortable, still easily put together, definitely inspiring!  Future outfit replication plans have already commenced!  But back to my salty husband and my old band t-shirt which just so happens to be the very shirt I was wearing the day Arie and I met...

salty dog and band t-shirt

So proud of you Hubby!

Until next year's finish, at which I may just be wearing a striped skirt,



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