September 30, 2012

Bokeh Heaven

Sigh, like a hands together next to my cheek, head tilted like my tilt shift camera, eyes to the sky, sigh.  Photojojo, thanks for introducing me to my tilt-shift digital camera.  Tilt-shift camera, thanks for introducing me to some major bokeh.  Bokeh, just, thanks.  You put me in such a dreamy mood.

tilt shift bokeh fountain

Here are the results from my first ever tilt-shift camera testing-out adventure.  The camera has four color settings:  Vivid, Sepia, Standard, and Monochrome.  Here you'll find some test shots that show off the different color options in the preceding order, clockwise from top left.

tilt shift comparison 1
tilt shift comparison 2

While shooting with the tilt-shift I became curious about how it would compare to a shot taken with my Canon, same scene same vantage point.  Here are two shots to show off the different effect each camera provided.  Canon left, tilt-shift right.

tilt shift comparisons

My tilt-shift camera took the tiniest bit of research and practice to realize how to best use it.  This camera offers its best performance when shooting from elevated locations.  This little fact has offered me a whole new perspective on the perspective of my photos. It's very small, so I've been keeping it in my bag on the off chance I'll be in a great place to utilize it to the best of its ability. I'm excited to report it has a video option, as well as a voice recorder. Up to this point I have used neither, but I'm growing quite excited at the option of some bokeh'd out video. I know this is the 'easy way out' when it comes to tilt-shift photography, but as an amateur who isn't ready to make a major lens investment, this is certainly doing the trick.   I am totally pleased with this purchase.

Any of you out there have experience with tilt-shift photography?  I'd love to see what you've done!

Forever yours,


P.S.  I can't wait to show you my Chicago tilt-shift shots!


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