October 3, 2012

Revisiting | Six Records

Yes, it's true. This is the first post to be had as far as the "Sixes" category is concerned. Stacey and I had this great idea to have a category for making lists of various sorts which I believe we both enjoy doing on some level. My idea of a good list is usually of the 'to do' variety, on which I mix in some tasks I've already completed so I can immediately cross a few things off right at the get-go. Of course, other types of lists are great as well. And six seemed like a nice, concise number to stick to. So there's the back story on that.

I'm completely aware that this category has been very neglected, and believe me, it's been on my mind. I'd been waiting for some inspiration, but the wait seemed to be dragging. So much, in fact, I was at the point of proposing a cancellation of the category. So luckily, well, luckily two things...One; I have a strange predilection toward counting things. Things such as the number of steps I take on a staircase, the number of basil leaves I pluck from a plant, the number of copies coming out of a copy machine, the number of sips I take before putting the cup down, you name it, I may have counted it at one point in my life. Two; the other day I bought a bunch of records. These two lucky facts work together, hand in hand, to make the first ever List of Six.

record revisits

I went to the record store for The Knot by Wye Oak.  But upon arrival I became incredibly overwhelmed by the substantial selection and before I knew it I was sitting in my car and reviewing my bounteous bounty.  As I flipped through the pile I realized I had come out with my intended purchase, plus five more.  Low and behold, SIX RECORDS! Here's a brief explanation of why I am so excited about my one plus five purchase.

1.  The Knot by Wye Oak:  As far as Wye Oak is concerned, well, you already know a bit about that.

2.  Frame and Canvas by Braid:  Man, A Dozen Roses.  Sheesh, I guess this and the rest of the list are major harbingers of nostalgia.  A Dozen Roses, specifically, ushers in California love mix-tape memories.  P.S. super excited to see they are touring again!  Yay for reunions!

3.  Moon Safari by AirGiant sexy boy city monkey and my parents' basement.  And, did you hear?  Most recently Air was asked to create an original score for the 1902 classic silent film Le Voyage Dans La Lune by Georges Méliès.  What an honor!  P.S. Speaking of Georges Méliès, have you experienced The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick?  Because if you haven't, you simply must. 

4.  The Blue Album by Weezer:  Junior High, how I wasn't allowed to go the concert.  And, later, California love mix-tape memories (along with number two on the list).  Also, the few years of my life when I had a severe crush on Rivers Cuomo.  But only when he was wearing his glasses.

5.  Fevers and Mirrors by Bright Eyes:  When I worked at the music shop that led to so many other things.  When I showed this album to one of my favorite customers.

6.  Self Control by Laura Brannigan:  Being clothed on a nude beach, Santa Cruz, CA.

Wow!  There you have it, my six record purchase.  I wonder, is it possible to revisit old albums without revisiting all that went along with them as far as life is concerned?  I'm o.k. if it's not.  That was fun for me to create.  I guess more "Sixes" may just be heading your way.




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