September 10, 2012

O' Falafel Etc.

This is the first summer in three during which I haven't spent a good portion of the season traipsing my way through Ghana.  I have missed the time spent there, have missed my Ghanaian friends, I've even missed the good and difficult work I found myself immersed in while there.  It's been nice being home this summer, especially after last year's particularly difficult trip.  With that said, I've found myself needing little ways to revisit some of my Ghanaian memories.

One of the funny little things I remember (and this is a really tiny memory) is being back in Accra at the end of each of our month long journeys.  After so much time being cut off from access to familiar food, being back in Accra was akin to culinary heaven.  I suddenly found myself standing in a take out restaurant with many options at my fingertips...burgers, pizza, fries, wow.  It was in Accra that I had my best ever falafel sandwich.  There was nothing special whatsoever about this falafel sandwich, nothing other than the fact that it wasn't fufu, kenkey, jallof rice, goat and fish soup, or any of the other things I had eaten during my trips.  I doubt I will ever again eat falafel without thinking of Ghana. 

It is this roundabout connection that leads me to the point of this post about O' Falafel Etc.  The other day I headed their way to relive my Accra falafel.  But on my way inside, I was distracted by one of their special options.

o falafel signs
Falafel Burger

I ordered the all veggie falafel burger special, just as advertised.  I was indeed impressed with the falafel burger.  Never have I seen this option, and I found it to be quite enjoyable.  I would definitely recommend it to falafel lovers everywhere. 

O' Falafel Etc. also sells a few grocery products that I'd like to experience. They were kind enough to allow me to photograph some of their items. I'm especially interested in trying the pickled cucumbers which are probably just pickles, but hey, I'm intrigued.

o falafel products

I've never made falafel at home before, but am definitely interested in trying it out.  Do any of you have a good recipe for a first timer?  Let me know, and go have a falafel burger!



P.S. Check out their cutest and kindest tea area.

Tea Cups Only


Stacey September 11, 2012 at 12:06 AM  

I've been thinking about falafel for a while now... I love it! I've made it at home, though not with 100% success. I may/may not have started a grease fire. It's all about the adventure!

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