September 13, 2012

Let's get this over with, Jerome.

Gypsy wagons, brothels, ghost towns, gold mines...Jerome, I love you.  But you're holding me back.  I'm ready to start posting about my other trips this summer, but there is so much to you that I haven't gotten around to sharing.  And I knew if I moved on to other trips you would be left in digital limbo for who knows how long.  So, with the exception of King Gold Mine and some scenery shots which will eventually receive the attention they deserve, this is going to be it for now.

Here I present a conglomeration of Jerome experiences:  Quince (I would have eaten there every night if I could have), critters, souvenirs, and a real life gypsy wagon.

jerome quince
jerome critters
jerome souvenirs
jerome caravan

Thanks for the memories, Jerome.  Memories like this one, this one, this one, and especially this one.  I have a feeling this trip will change the path of my future for the better.

Hoping to return someday,
Perhaps to make my own pair of high heels,



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