October 19, 2012

This Is Colossal

Of the many blogs I check in with on a regular basis, Colossal is one of my favorites.  It's 'a blog about art and visual ingenuity,' and I can't seem to get enough.  There have been so many posts that have tempted me to 're-blog' (like this, and this), but this is the first one to actually set things in motion.  For three reasons.  One, I love to draw sea creatures (of the cartoonish, stick figurey, doodle variety).  Two, I have a weird looking stuffed octopus that I love love love.  Three, blue is my favey favorite color and I believe the world would be a bit better if more blue existed.  And, though I only prepared you for three reasons, stop motion is always awesome.

But the real reason I decided to re-post is because I have added a bit of a change-up to the mix.  I really enjoyed the video, but as I watched it I found myself wishing for a slower paced experience.  So, I muted the music on the video and found a different song to play alongside the visual.  I tried a few out and settled on "Hometowns" by Band of Skulls.  It's crazy how replacing the music changed the entire feel of the video.

You should try it both ways.  If you want to try my way, here's what has worked best for me.  Let the video load (I must have a slowish connection, if you don't, never mind).  Mute the video by finding the vertical bars (there are seven of them) and pulling them to the left.  Push play on the grooveshark widget.  When the music starts push play on the video.  Enjoy!     

quadropus by s+h.house on Grooveshark

Did you try it?  Well, what did you think? 




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