October 22, 2012

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I'm gonna be honest, I've never owned a leather jacket. I remember obsessively wanting one in 7th grade, after I was blown away by a Seventeen magazine prom feature where a fluffy, champagne colored tulle dress was styled with a black leather biker jacket and black Doc Martin boots. The mix of sweet and tough was an image little me would dream of replicating, but was too scared to rock. I was able to convince my mother to invest in the Doc Martin's (I think the sole-life was a selling point), but not the jacket. I feel I could've committed to saving up the cash to buy my own if two things weren't freaking my 12-present year old self out: the investment and wearing that much leather. I'm actually over the investment part but I still worry about leather being squeaky, conforming, too heavy and sometimes just a bit tacky. I've seen a lot of bad leather, and I'm sure you have too. So the question is, should I commit like a Nike ad and just do it? All of these styles I like, but I'm still drawn to the classic motorcycle jacket. Hey, some dreams never die...

xo, stacey


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