October 24, 2012

Alt Press Fest 2012

alt press fest 2012

I must say, the Alt Press Fest is something I look forward to every summer.  Along with the Living Traditions Festival and the Utah Arts Festival, it's one of the things that draws me downtown during the warmer months.

I first heard about the Alt Press Fest a few years back when my friend Sean had a booth at the festival.  I was out of town, but Husband went over to show support and check out his booth.  I was sad to have missed it and have made a point to hit it up every summer since.    Here are some of my favorite displays from this year's fest.  Starting with the cutest girl, Nic Annette Miller of Friends Make Prints.

alt press 2012 friends make prints
Friends Make Prints
alt press 2012 mandate press
The Mandate Press
alt press 2012 smart and wiley
Smart & Wiley
alt press 2012 slc film festival
Salt Lake City Film Festival

Here is my favorite of the day, Travis Gray's Miniature Books for Coloring.  I'm sure this guy was a bit concerned at my inability to stop with the gleeful giggles his work inspired within me.  I loved his display, his magnifying glass, his reserved demeanor.  His booth earned my only purchase of the day, and there will definitely be more to come on these little wonders. 
alt press 2012 travis gray
Travis Gray
I'm thinking it's time to start saving some money to have some business cards/packaging conjured up by one of these amazing artists. Can't wait!


P.S. Also, this guy.

piano bike man


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