June 7, 2012

I left my sole(s) at Pectol Pyramid (Torrey part two).

After seeing the roadside waterfalls we headed off for a hike near Pectol Pyramid.  We had a destination in mind, but quickly found ourselves distracted by our beautiful desert surroundings.

Pectol Pyramid
Looking up

We stopped here for a rest, we had been slowed by a large group of hikers ahead of us on the trail and decided we would give them some time to create some distance.  As we sat we ended up deciding not to go any further.  When a bunch of people are around, things just aren't as fun.  This ended up being a good choice because as we were hiking down, I began to hear a strange flapping sound with each step I took.  The sound was quickly connected to a strange hindrance in my gait.  It took a mere second to look down at my footwear and realize what was going on. 
I left my sole(s) at Pectol Pyramid.

I was proud to be wearing my trusty One Sports for the hike.  They have seen me through many stages in life, and this would be one more adventure for their illustrious history.  These had been a big deal purchase for me back when I was a young 14 year old. You know, far enough back when a pair of hiking shoes was the only pair of shoes I wanted for my back to school wardrobe.  Oh, the memories.  Oh, how things have changed.  As I flopped my way down the mountain I made Husband stay behind me so people couldn't see (though I'm sure they could hear) me walking.  Pretty soon I had a good side sweep/toe flick going on in an attempt at keeping my soles beneath my feet.  It was a long trip down.

When I saw the car I beelined straight to the trunk for my emergency shoes, an old pair of Sauconys.  I was happy they were there, but sad to realize the insoles were mysteriously missing.  Oh well.  Time to replace my emergency shoes.  Time to replace my hiking shoes.  Time to get a post about Calf Creek Falls together. 

Part three is on its way!


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