June 11, 2012

Calf Creek Falls (Torrey part three)

After our eventful first day (see here, and here), we left the hotel and drove over the mountain to Arie's planned point of exit.  A couple of water bottles were stashed in the brush, and Arie's truck was left behind, parked off the side of a lonely desert road.   He slipped a note on the dashboard promising any observer there were no valuables to be had inside and we crossed our fingers his truck would still be there, ready to bring him home once his journey was over.  It was nice to be back in one car together.  Soon we had arrived at our campsite and our supplies had been unloaded.  With the winds raging I took shelter inside the tent.  Arie, being less affected by the elements, stayed outside enjoying the view.  My view from the tent was just as good.  Soon enough, however, I made my way out of the tent and we began our hike up to Calf Creek Falls. Beautiful.

The view from the tent.
three figures
Can you see the three figures in the bottom left hand corner of the above photo?  Creepy?
calf creek falls
calf creek falls close up
waiting our turn
rock muppet
Some more recently added "rock art."

After returning from our hike we hunkered down for the evening. It was a windy night, but we decided to start a fire anyway. We placed our chairs with the winds to our backs.  We bundled up as the sun set and the smoke blew away to new destinations. The warmth of the fire kept us out of our tent into the night.

I enjoy camping. What do I not enjoy? Getting out of the tent in the morning. Husband is usually already up and about by the time I wake up and this was no exception to the pattern. I hate getting out of the tent when the weather's cold.  But soon enough I was out and we had packed up our things.  Before I knew it, we were preparing to part ways at the trail head.  It was a tough t.t.f.n., I watched him part from me through teary eyes.  I also requested this pose from him:
After seeing him leave my line of vision, it was time for me to head home all by my lonesome. On my way home, I encountered this!  On his way home (which started with a lot of walking) Arie was able to snap a few great photos before his camera had an unintentional underwater adventure.  If I'm not careful, this lonely cabin may lure Arie away from me one day.
crooked cabin
there's a hole in my bucket
Arie's lonely cabin

Thanks for letting me walk down memory lane.

By the way, I spent way too much time rewording sentences so they wouldn't end in a preposition.  I was always taught not to end a sentence with a preposition.  This led me to search out whether or not this was ok to do, and I found that Grammar Girl says it's fine!  Whew!  I feel more relaxed already.

Also, while NPR was fading in and out during our drive over the mountain, I heard about this.  Aaahhh!   


P.S.  If you have a few minutes and want to hear about the real deal (Arie's trip after I dropped him off), head on over to his site!

Thanks for sharing some of your photos Arie!


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