July 2, 2012

Outdoor Neighborhood Art

The little pup serves so many important purposes in my life.  First and foremost, nearly unlimited puppy (she's not a puppy) cuddle time.  Not necessarily second but on the list nonetheless would be puppy walking time.  While Hubby and I definitely enjoyed some neighborhood strolls prior to the landing of our space pup Starship, I've really enjoyed the regular walks that having a dog has precipitated.  We've explored many different neighborhood routes, and while doing so have encountered some enjoyable, routine interrupting, outdoor neighborhood art. 

lawn sculpture
graffiti deterrent
let it be panoramic

I love being stopped in my tracks.  I love that someone hung a piece of canvas art on the outside of their home.  I love that sphere of cogs.  At night, it's lighted and beautiful.  I love that I realized my phone has a panoramic option (the other photos were not successful).  I love how that missile didn't explode on impact (ha ha).  I also love how this little bird let me get so close before flying away.

can't believe how close it let me get

Do you have any interesting outdoor art in your neighborhood?  I'm on the lookout for more!

Yours truly,


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