July 30, 2012

Working Titles

Oh, man.  So excited.  A few months ago, and after a few months of major anticipation, Kelli, Dave and I went out to see Damien Jurado perform.  It was a night I've thought about sharing on here over and over again.  But with all the twists and turns of the evening, I knew I needed to wait until things could be shared appropriately.

Well, it just so happens this magical evening WAS FILMED and will soon be presented for those that weren't in attendance to enjoy (and for those that were in attendance to relive over and over and over and over).  I've been saving this craziest, most incredibly unbelievable confluence of intention/coincidence/magical circumstances type of story for when I could share the Audio-Files episode documenting said Damien Jurado evening to be released.  But to my delight, a preview has been posted.  So the preview I shall share.

Wow, did you watch it?  Incredible!  As good as this is, it doesn't even allude to the magical moments the evening held.  And, did you see me?  I'm in there tapping my heart to the beat.  I can't wait for the full episode to be aired, and to tell you more and more about this most amazing evening.

Mentally biting my nails in anticipation,


Update!  Friends, the wait is over.


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