August 4, 2012

What are the odds?

Well, it's time.

A few bits back Kelli, Dave and I went to see Damien Jurado play at Velour.  A few bits before that, Kelli and I attempted to get ourselves set up to open for the show.  This did not work out for us, but Kelli's dreams of getting on stage with Damien did not end there.  She and Dave continually day dreamed about how in a perfect scenario Damien would see some of Kelli's covers of his songs (shot by Dave) and would know she would be in the audience at the Velour show and would want her to sing with him so he would pull her on stage.  We joked and fantasized and laid it all out there for the multiverse to muse over.     

We arrived at Velour and made our way to the front row, camping out there through the openers until Damien took the stage.  We had an incredible vantage point.  It was amazing.

Damien Jurado
damien up close

The evening happened to be filmed, and an audio-files episode was created.  Things didn't necessarily go as day dreamed, but...All I have to say is What are the odds?  Or perhaps it would be more powerful in declarative form, What are the odds.  I think you just need to see this for yourself.  Did you watch it?  If not, perhaps you need a bit more motivation.  Because, believe it or not and what are the odds and WHAT ARE THE ODDS but this really happened.

Damien Jurado and Kelli Moyle, photo credit Velour Live Music Gallery
Photo credit Velour Live Music Gallery
Really, you should just watch this.  All of it, but especially starting right around the 13:50 mark.  Or you can watch the whole thing unedited, I shot this on Kelli's phone.

Don't really know what to say.  Amazing.

I did and I do and I will forever.


*Photos by either Kelli or me.  My phone was dead.


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