August 8, 2012

Cat Power. Sun.

Today I am excited. Because Chan Marshall has a new haircut and has written a new album. This was a reason, as if I ever need a reason, to head over to the record store so I could pre-order my copy of Cat Power's upcoming album, Sun. Here's her album announcement video with the song Ruin. I'm crossing my fingers this means she'll be back in these parts to perform sometime soon.

On the topic of Cat Power, this week I've been waking to a mental rendition of Good Woman more often than not. And I've been experiencing all that this song entails as it pertains to my past, and all the appropriate types and levels of agony that come flooding in when I really experience the song. So I figured I would share Good Woman with you as well. While looking around I stumbled across this video showing rare footage of Jack Kerouac and friends in New York circa 1959. Which is doubly appropriate because recently I've been working my way through The Dharma Bums. It's beautiful. (Sorry about the ads.)

Well, I may not be a Bodhisattva just yet, but hopefully this helped you get a tiny bit closer to Nirvana today.  

I'll be seeing you soonest,


UPDATE!  Cat Power interview.


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