August 6, 2012

Flatiron Cafe

Well, slowly but surely I am going to attempt to catch myself up on some travel posts. I have recently returned from Chicago to see my dear friend Brittany and am super excited to share. But, my trip to Jerome must not be overlooked. So I'll just have to put Chicago on the shelf for a bit and spend some time enjoying Jerome from the comfort of my own home. I'll start by sharing a cute little cafe at which Arie and I did some anniversary lunching. Flatiron Cafe, to be exact.  Yum!

flatiron cafe sign
flatiron cafe
flatiron cafe 2

As you can see, the place is darling.  The menu has incredible variety, and it was tough to zero in and make a choice.  I wanted to order their basil cantaloupe water, but alas, they were out.  So instead I enjoyed some horchata water alongside my chicken salad sandwich and fresh fruit.  Do you see the grilled peppers on this sandwich?  It's amazing how this one little addition entirely changed the taste of the sandwich.  I WILL attempt to recreated this sandwich!  Though I doubt it will measure up to the real deal.  It was incredible.  Step one, figure out what type of peppers were used.  Step two, figure out how to appropriately grill them.  Step three and unrelated, make some basil cantaloupe water!

flatiron cafe food

It was a great place to enjoy during Arie's quick lunch break.  As soon as we were finished I zipped him back down to the old high school so he could continue his studies at shoe college.

Ahh.  That feels great!  One Jerome post down, a few more to come.

Check ya later,


Btw, still enjoying these!


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