August 20, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge

One time (years ago) I decided I wanted to have concrete colored nails.  Nowadays I bet I could head out to the local beauty supply stores of the area and find something that would satisfy those desires.  At the time, however, I searched and searched but was unable to help this decision come to fruition.  This meant a switch from looking local to looking global.  I turned to the interwebs and soon found myself in a non-formaldehyde induced haze of nail polish nirvana.  Somewhere in between all that mess I stumbled across Rescue Beauty Lounge.  Though now sold out, I excitedly purchased Concrete Jungle (which I can no longer find on the site) and Recycle.  They have proven to be incredible polishes (I still have and use them) and I have been back often for more.  More recently, I got my hands on, or better stated I got my hands in Bikini Bottom and Purple Haze.  I also picked up a small metal nail file which has been incroyable.

rescue beauty lounge

Very summertime!  Very any time.  Bikini Bottom offers more of a gel type effect while purple haze is more opaque taking fewer coats for full color.  I love them both.  It just so happens I was wearing Bikini Bottom here, who could have guessed it would match my copy of Dandelion Wine so well? 

Have you heard of Rescue Beauty Lounge?  What's your favorite color of theirs?  Also, if you have a line on a great concrete colored polish let me know.  Concrete Jungle won't last forever and I'm gonna need a replacement.

See you soonish!



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