August 17, 2012

Shoe College

Man my man is an amazing man.  For our first anniversary he made me a pair of leather flats.  My heart melted.  Before that and ever since he's persistently attempted to make shoes and seek out information about the process.  He's checked out books from the library, searched around on the internet, asked local shoe repair places if he could sweep their floors in trade for some knowledge.  Once I even found some informational VHS tapes available for purchase from Canada, but we didn't end up following through on that one.  To say the least, nothing successfully brought around the information he needed.  

Arie has a true desire to be a professional craftsman.  He's already, in my opinion, quite a successful seamster, finding a little niche for himself in the world of handmade chalk bags.  Over the years he's used his etsy shop as his means for funding his outdoor adventuring.  But the shoe thing never left his mind so he continued searching and seeking, eventually stumbling across Universite des Chaurssures out of Jerome Arizona.  And great news!  His little etsy shop decided to offer him a full ride scholarship for a one-on-one week at Shoe College.

We chose to book the trip to Jerome over our anniversary, making a little vacation out of the opportunity.  I'm happy to know that anniversaries may be forming a habit of marking the creation of handmade leather shoes.  Here are some photos I took over the course of Arie's week at Shoe College. 

Arie's first day at shoe school.
First day jitters.
Arie's handmade shoes
Arie's handmade shoes
Arie's handmade shoes
Arie's handmade shoes
Arie's bandmade shoes

He worked until the very last minute of the very last day, and I think the shoes speak for themselves.  Unreal.  I'm so impressed, and so excited for more shoes to come (including some for me)!  Jerome was such a great place to visit, I had a great time keeping myself busy while Arie was working/learning.  Many things were experienced, including this!  It's a place we never would have known about had it not been for Arie's visit to Shoe College.

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