September 21, 2012

Fall + Fairs

I can't believe it's already state fair time.  Time to harvest your bounty, pull out the closed-toe shoes, hoodies, sweaters, and eat some deep fried foods.  It was also roughly a year ago today that T and I decided to get married (which was also state fair time). We did, but we can talk about that later.  Right now I want to focus on the fair...fair enough?

fair food, fair friends
First, it was food.  Corn dogs, hot dogs, elephant ears (fry bread), corn on the cob, lemonade and washed down by something that shouldn't be deep fried, deep fried.  From the following choices- deep fried Oreos, Snickers bar, Twinkie, green jello or peanut butter and jelly sandwich, Heather and I chose the sandwich.  It was quite good, sort of like a doughnut.  Overall, I liked the corn best. The Original Corn Roast was built by the vendor and can cook 40+ ears of corn in seconds.  I'd never thought to put lemon or garlic salt on corn, let alone hot sauce or Parmesan cheese.  Delish!

fair vendors, games
We wandered around and checked out the sideshow attractions. It was the first time I've ever paid to see the side show "freaks" and it was really disappointing. Also for the first time I really noticed the vendors. Fair people. Can you imagine traveling around from city to city peddling random food and wares? Maybe I should read Geek Love to get a fictional glimpse into the lives of fair folk. Maybe that's a stretch?
fair animals
Then, time to get our goat on. When you were a kid do you remember the goats wearing turtlenecks? This bunch looked like they were headed to the library and there were others in flashier smocks, much more club/rave appropriate. The goats were naughty; I tried to snap photos of them eating chairs and boots left near their stalls but they were too quick. Heather kept scratching one on the head between it's horns. The little guy reminded me of a puppy. Goats are cute. fair lightsLast but not least the lights of the fair. I hate to use the word magical, but there's something about them against the dark sky, in the crisp, cool fall air. To me, a true sign that fall is here.

What kicks off your fall season?

 xo stacey

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