September 22, 2012

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I'm still struggling to muster up the adequate courage when it comes to approaching people to be photographed for the blog.  Just the other day, for example, I waited too long and majorly missed out on photographing a beautiful girl at the Avenues Street Fair (I did get a sneaky shot, so she may still show up).  Luckily I had some courage a couple of weeks ago when I ran into Michelle at a local jewelry supply store.  We were both being helped at the counter, but interaction was unlikely.  I saw her outfit and jewelry and was definitely inspired.  Even though I only had my cell phone camera on hand, and even though I still feel a bit creepy about approaching people, somehow I made it work.

I love this outfit.  I think it's the fit of the shirt and pants that are really doing it for me.  I'm enjoying the looser pants paired with the vintage t-shirt.  The boots, unexpected in the summertime, but a super pleasant surprise.  Her jewelry and fringe added some unique personality to the look.  Wooden phone case?  Yes.  And check out her lotus cuff, she made it!   I hope she doesn't mind, but, I'm going to need to borrow quite a bit from this look.  I have some boots and pants that may just work for this...exciting!

Her only request?  Crop out the head.  I felt this unnecessary as she looked darling, but I'm always happy to oblige the request of a willing photograph-ee.


We talked a bit, feeling like we somehow recognized each other. We never made the connection, but I wouldn't be surprised if we had somehow crossed paths in the past. Michelle handed me her card, and it turns out she is a film only (!) photographer who clearly knows her stuff. Check out her website here. I enjoyed looking through her portfolio and am wishing I would have known about her back when Arie and I got hitched. Just different would your experience be if you knew your photographer was only using film? I think the 'specialness' level would become intensely elevated. Film is so precious. Moments would feel, I would imagine, organic yet highly focused. Even just the thought of this feels longingly romantic.

Well, thanks Michelle, for wearing a super cute outfit, for sharing your talent, and for being willing to oblige my request for some photos.  




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