November 27, 2012

Stasero Syrups | Fall Flavors

Springtime brought some awesome flavors into my life.  But Spring is long gone and the weather has turned my mind to longing over days spent working in a gourmet chocolate shop.  It was there I had access to many delightful things including a real deal espresso machine, which meant unlimited access to amazing hot drinks.  Ah, memories.  At any rate, it's time to get warm, so Fall time flavors have been purchased. 

stasero syrups, fall edition

I must have had some sort of a premonition that these flavors would be well placed in my cupboard. Because my cute brother and sister in law bought me one of these for my b-day.  Well, it's already been put to good use.

cocoa latte maker

Mmmm, hot and frothy.  Marshmallow milk steamer, you will not be my last.



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