November 30, 2012

Crystal Castles

For a while there some pretty incredible shows were clustering themselves around each other on the calendar in these parts. And, I went to some of them!  As usual, I'm not doing a very good job of posting things in chronological order. That's ok though, because eventually they will all find their place here on 'shh'. But for now, I'm feeling inspired to revisit the Crystal Castles show.

crystal castles

I was this close to staying home that night.  As is the case any time I put the extremely small amount of effort it takes into actually leaving the house, I was not disappointed.  Old friends were found, a new (yet fleeting) friend was made.  Awesome dance moves were executed.  If you have the chance to see Crystal Castles live I suggest you put on your dancing pants and get out there!

(1) has been on heavy rotation for years.  (11) has been placed on my X-mas list. (111) needs to be released on vinyl so I can buy buy buy!

Do you have a favorite Crystal Castles song? I want to know!

P.S., remember when I saw m83 on the very same stage?


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