December 3, 2012

Woolly Mammoth

I think it's safe to say my favorite experience in Chicago was my stop at Woolly Mammoth Antiques and Oddities.  Brittany suggested the place, man does she know me well.  It was within walking distance of where I was staying, and I liked it so much I went twice.  The fellow working behind the counter was kind enough to oblige my request to take a few photos.  Here's a little walk through Woolly Mammoth.   

Woolly Mammoth Storefront
Woolly Mammoth Legs
Woolly Mammoth Teeth
Woolly Mammoth Animals
Woolly Mammoth Giraffe
Woolly Mammoth Lamps
Woolly Mammoth Skulls
Woolly Mammoth Random

I could have spent all day in this shop. But, I didn't have much to spend and I didn't want to over stay my welcome.  So, I made plans to go back a second time (more to come on that).  I did end up purchasing this little book, The Phantom Rickshaw by Rudyard Kipling.  It's currently living on my nightstand. 

The Phantom Rickshaw by Rudyard Kipling

Well, that's it for now.  Next time I find myself back in Chicago I will definitely be heading back over to Woolly Mammoth.



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