October 27, 2012

Scruff Mcgruff Chicago Illinois, 60652

I had such an incredible time visiting my friends Brittany and Seth in Chicago this past summer.  Lucky for me, they had only moved there a handful of weeks prior to my visit so Brittany was up for experiencing the touristy sites with me.  We certainly packed our days and as I review my collection of photos I'm actually quite surprised by all of the things we managed to pull off.  If you remember, I purchased my tilt-shift camera in anticipation of this trip.  Well, it served me well.  There are too many photos to share (as usual).  So, I'll give you a preview with a few more specific posts to come.  Here I present Tilt-Shift Chicago.

chicago tilt-shift red chairs
chicagl tilt-shift corn cobs
chicago tilt-shift water taxi
chicago tilt-shift bridge
chicago tilt-shift boats
chicago tilt-shift sears tower
chicago tilt-shift plexi
chicago tilt-shift baseball

Lots of walking.  Lots of eating.  Super duper fun times.  Randomly, if you remember, Kelli was in Chicago at an overlapping time.  And even more randomly, a handful of other friends including Jonas were also in Chicago at the same time.  All trips were planned separately.  All trips were first visits.  None of us rendezvoused.  Jonas and crew went out to see Refused and encountered quite a bit of gnarly violence along the way.  You should listen to his podcast to hear about the stabbing he witnessed/subsequently tourniqueted.  Crazy!

Thanks again Britt and Seth!  Until we meet again!  Hopefully sooner than later.

Oh, and yes.  The Cubs won!



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