July 8, 2012

Summertime Pals

In the summertime, accessories are my true pals.  Best buds.  Favorite friends.  Since I basically only wear v-necks and jeans, I often find the need to pretty-up with some easy add-ons.  Luckily for me, Catalog Deconstruction  |  1 has partially arrived! 

peach shoes and scarf
I say partially simply because I only purchased a partial amount of my catalog desires.  But that's okay (and appropriate!), because I found that creating the little wish list went a long way in satisfying my shopping itch.

While I was searching online over at Nordstrom for this scarf, I stumbled upon these sandals which could very easily have been included in my Tangerine Tango board (p.s. I ended up needing to go up one-half a size on these babies to find the right fit).  Oh, and a summertime scarf?  Yes!  I took it along to the theater when Arie and I saw Safety Not Guaranteed.  I used it in place of my normal movie theater hoodie.  I felt very elegant in my wrap, and it was much less distracting to use the scarf than to deal with pulling on/off my sweatshirt to suit my changing temperature needs.

What are your favorite summertime accessories?



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