July 11, 2012

Like a bandit.

Oh man, so happy! Recently Arie and I headed down to Jerome, Arizona so Arie could attend shoe college. Shoe college! Don't worry, a shoe college post can be found here. But back to the focus of this post...Somewhere halfway between home and Jerome, we stopped to fill the gas tank. While Arie was filling, I went inside for some treats. And look what I found!

Trolli Sour Brite Eggs

TROLLI SOUR BRITE EGGS!  Though they look like jelly beans, jelly beans they are not.  Sour, bouncy, yummy.

Back story:  On a random date in my teens these were purchased.  They became an immediate favorite of mine.  After a couple of years I could no longer find them in the supermarket.  Though I nearly never find them, I have never stopped looking.  I search for these things every time I walk down a candy aisle.  Usually to no avail.  But persistence paid off!  Because there they were, at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere, waiting to be scooped up.  I grabbed every bag on the shelf, purchased, then ran outside happily cradling them in my arms.  When I showed Arie what I had he said between the smirk on my face and my fast departure from the store it looked like I had robbed the place.  Needless to say, it was an incredible way to start off the trip!  Small pleasures.

What's your favorite hard to find treat?



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