August 26, 2012


For me there are few things better than having a great concert to look forward to.  When we heard Fiona Apple was heading our way for the first time in over six years, Kelli, Natalie and I knew tickets would need to be purchased promptly.  We bought early, and had a few months to savor the anticipation of seeing an amazing show.  Fiona definitely didn't disappoint.  Neither did my cell phone attachment lenses which allowed my photos to appear as if I was closer to the stage than I actually was.  Here's a non-animated gif for you.

Fiona Apple

Man, it was a good show.  She is amazing, so talented.  She played an incredible rotation from each of her albums, which allowed nostalgia to take hold often.  It makes me so happy every time I hear she hasn't given up on us.

I've been enjoying her new album, and have been watching this video quite a bit over the past few months.  I like looking at the strings moving through humans and various knickknacks, they are quite hypnotic.  I want strings connecting me to things.  And the snails, well, they remind me of when I saw What Is It?, which still confuses me but I think that was maybe the point?  

I've been searching for Tidal on vinyl, but I'm not sure if the album ever existed in that format.  I must build my Fiona collection!  Let me know if you find any old Fiona vinyl anywhere.  I'd love you forever.   



P.S.  The only bummer of the evening was that Wye Oak was playing the same night.  It was a tough choice to make, but it had to be done.


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