October 30, 2012

Revisiting | Timber Timbre

porch night

I must say the falling leaves have sent me back into fond memories, they seem to be unearthed by the air of the changing seasons.  Fall is my favorite.  The season is short lived in these parts.  But the days and nights can bring about great things.

A few years back I had a night I'm surprised I haven't attempted to recreate.  Two friends (Hil and Will) bundled up with me on my front porch.  We brought along some candles, some drinks, and Timber Timbre's Timber Timbre.  We sat together in the breezy night.  We drank and talked and listened.  And Timber Timbre offered the perfect Autumnal accompaniment.  So before October ends, I would like you to spend a bit of time with my memory.  It took me forever to dig up these photos, but finding them made the revisiting even more bittersweet.  Which, in my opinion, is the best way to receive memories of a particular variety.

porch night bottle

Timber Timbre has subsequent albums. But nothing has stuck with me quite like this self titled masterpiece has. I stumbled across it in my all time favorite now closed record store, Slowtrain. So I thank them for their part in this and so many other things. From start to finish this may just be the perfect record for October. When I listen to this album I feel like I'm spending time in an abandoned mansion in New Orleans.  Spooky and amazing.  Magic Arrow and Lay Down In the Tall Grass may just be my favorites.  Have a listen here.*

*Sorry, I'll fix this as soon as Grooveshark allows me to make a multiple song widget.  Looks like they're under construction for now.

What's your favorite Fall time record?  I want to know!



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