September 16, 2012

Built to Spill

Over the years people have asked my about my favorite bands.  When I reply, I naturally say, "Built to Spill, Interpol..." and then a few other bands, usually less resolutely.  Every time I list off Built to Spill and Interpol I find myself quite intrigued.  Are these two bands actually my favorite bands?  To be honest I don't really know if they are.  But for some reason they're always mentioned and that must count for something.  Interpol, you'll live to see another day here on shh.  But Built to Spill, let's continue. 

It's true, Built to Spill is the only band I've ever road tripped for.  I don't know why that is, youth and circumstance were definitely the driving factors behind that Idaho drive.   It wasn't the first time I ever saw them, but it was quite a magical trip.  Very few people in attendance, one of the band member's tiny children sitting on the ground wearing humongous sound muting head phones, a random mix of travelers.  I wish I had more memories of this type.  Or maybe I don't.

Well, that's enough of memory lane.  There are many other Built to Spill visits I could share about, important things have happened in my life revolving around these shows  But not today, I guess.  Because today I want to tell you that I just saw Built to Spill amidst the second smallest audience I've ever seen them with.  To the delight of many, they came to Urban Lounge, playing a smaller venue by choice.  You know I bought tickets the second they were made available.  It was amazing.  They played one of my favorite songs "Carry the Zero" (what I wouldn't give to see them play their cover of "Cortez the Killer," sigh).  I was indeed satisfied by the experience.

Built to Spill Urban Lounge

Built to Spill, thanks for coming back for another stop in our little town.  Please don't let it be the last time.  Oh, just remembered.  There is something else I would like to share.  I found this video years ago.  As you know, I enjoy seeing unrelated historical videos which have been dubbed over with my favorite songs (i.e. this).  I can't get enough of this one, for obvious (?) reasons.

Hopefully you've learned some things from this post.  First and foremost, how to protect yourself following a bright flash of light.  Secondly, Built to Spill!  If not, at least you can enjoy "Carry the Zero" and "Cortez the Killer".

Built to Spill by on Grooveshark

Do you have a favorite Built to Spill song/memory? I want to know!


P.S.  With all this said, I view and answer the question "What is your favorite band?" very differently than "What is your most important/influential band?"  That second one may be worded very strangely, but I guess I'm just saying that as I've written this post, certain band names have been screaming themselves at me in my brain, believing they should be mentioned here.  Well, not today my insistent brain, not today.


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