June 22, 2012

The Pickpockets and Vertical Diner

A few months back Kelli and I were excited to be invited to play some Saturday night music at Vertical Diner.  A bunch of our friends turned out for a listen and also to eat the best vegetarian/vegan diner food around.  Good times were had.

Pickpockets at Vertical Diner 1
Pickpockets at Vertical Diner 2

As I was putting this post together today, I found myself immediately overcome with a major desire for some of their amazing food.  So I grabbed the user's manual for my new old Polaroid land camera (for some alone time reading material) and headed their way.
Vertical Diner
The Johnny Cash

I had one of their sandwich specials, the Johnny Cash.  Ohh, I'm remembering it as I type, wow!  Wowewowwowwow!  Black bean burger, tempeh bacon, grilled peppers and onions, cheeze, magic sauce (a spicy bbq sauce), toasted garlic bun.  Mashed potatoes.  Gravy.  Incredible!  I threw in an iced coffee, and grabbed a peanut butter soy milk shake to go.  What a meal.  I will definitely be back for more.  By the way, my sister in law Amanda especially loves them for their Gluten Free options.

With a happy tummy I gathered my things together.  On my way out the door the latest issue of SLUG caught my eye, the cover of which was illustrated by my talented friend Sean Hennefer.  Awesome and congrats Sean!
Sean Hennefer SLUG mag cover

So, thanks for reading.  And, go eat!


Thanks for the band pics Arie!


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