November 2, 2012

Ten Percent

Holy holy, here is the one hundredth post.  I will honor the occasion by offering up my interpretation of the top ten percent, my favorite ten posts.  According to the new Happy documentary, happiness can be increased by entering 'the zone' often.  By writing these posts I've found myself in my own version of 'the zone' many times over.  I know there are a few of you out there reading this, thanks for hanging out.  And Stacey, thanks for the friendship, partnership, and motivation.  Here are ten posts that have made me the happiest, in a random sequence.

Arie's handmade shoes
Shoe College
skirt into scarf
World Creativity and Innovation Week
Damien Jurado
What are the odds?
book shelf triple
Measure twice cut...twice.
tennis run
I've got a pretty mean serve.
New old cameras.  And a Hasselblad!
Dutch Baby
Dutch Baby
tilt shift bokeh
Bokeh Heaven
taxidermy bear
Good morning, Sunshine!
bradbury book halos
A Bradbury Afternoon

Here's to 100 times 100 more.  Thanks for being here.  Really.



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